My Days

I have never thought that I would do this….WRITING!  Trying to pour out things that come up into my mind onto this page and pages to come…about what happens in my life….my thoughts….what or who inspires me and influences me in my everyday life.  I have never thought that I would be doing this……but then…..FINALLY!  🙂

I remember when I was in my teens in 1982.  I had a passion to write so strong that I thought hey why not giving myself a try.  So I started to write my everyday diary….pouring out my feelings, my thoughts….almost everything into those secret books until onetime my brother (at home) and one of my buddies at school “discovered it” (oh of course they didn’t mean it) :-), since then all the writings turned into poems ha ha.   I also tried to write a short story about high school romance.  Well It worked quite well with the poems as my daily routine but not with that short story.  I guess that was why I only had one and It had never been published to anybody but me ops and it’s long gone.  So my writing time was over!  I had never thought about that anymore….it’s just gone…vanished!

This year…the year of 2011, the idea of writing is coming back! Yes it is! It is coming back!  As a matter of fact, here I am!   Well, with the different writing tools of course ha ha and also with a lot of things to learn.  God is awesome!

What more can I say here?  Oh yes, you are welcome to read my pages here and if there are any critics…oohh please..bear with me! 🙂


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