where is hope when there’s an empty place in your heart

I read about some Korean singers and actress committed suicide almost all in one year….this 2011.  Either that with some reasons or without reason, they had chosen to end their lives just like that.  I don’t know what you have in mind regarding this issue but this is really something that we should be aware of. 

I have been in the situation where I thought I had all I wanted.  Great job, people who I cared much, great life…but then there was an empty space still that could not be filled at all with anybody or anything I did.  The feeling of emptiness that even when I was surrounded with those cheerful persons and situations still could not fill that place.  Well, yes it did not happen everyday but when it struck me , that unknown feeling would drive me crazy and depress me at that moment but then the day after….I was back to what I called at that time ‘normal life’.  Have you ever felt the same way like the above situation?

I believe with that kind of feeling if one meet a person or situation or just anything that will prompt more bad feelings, It will take the person either to the shrink, loosing insanity, sickness or committed suicide.  Well I have a good news for you in the next post!   Yes, there is still a hope and that’s free!


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