no need to fear

I have just found out that actually there are many stars of hope that shine to help others on this virtual world 🙂  Shine to encourage the ones with burden in their shoulders….the ones who think that  there’s now way out anymore…problems that never stop coming to suck their lives and drive them to despairs.  If we look around…or just by watching the news on the tv, reading morning newspaper, we will be surprised to see just how the level of crime increased…things that never happened years before it seems just ordinary things nowadays.  That’s just one example.  What about the economy?   This world it seems not getting any better but it’s just going worse.  All is becoming unpredictable and I think not so many people get used to with the unpredictable things…the insecure feeling.  Not that I am being pessimistic but that’s what it is.   That’s the fact.  And that exactly what the scripture’s been telling us, believe it or not.  Are you one of those who is looking for answers?  Well, there is No Need To FearThere’s still HOPE especially for those who really want it!  I will share with you the good news I got this morning 🙂  He Gives You All Things and I will quote exactly like it is.

“He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all — how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?”

God loves you so much today — more than you could ever imagine! Not only did He sent His Son, Jesus to pay the price for your sins so that He could have a relationship with you, He also wants to lavish you with everything He has and everything He is.

When you join in covenant with Him through the precious blood of Jesus Christ, He makes all things available to you.

What does “all” mean? It means exactly that — all. Do you need peace? He is your peace. Do you need joy? He has supernatural joy which gives you strength. Do you need restoration in your life? He is your restorer. Do you need rest? He has it. Provision? It’s yours. Protection? That too! He is the single source of everything that you will ever need, and He will freely give it to you!

Maybe at times you’ve struggled to receive all that He has for you. Maybe you think that you don’t want to bother God, or you somehow think you don’t deserve what He has for you. Friend, those mindsets are not the truth. The truth is that you can’t earn a gift. He gives it freely. Imagine His arms outstretched to you right now. Receive His love, receive His grace, and receive all that He has in store for you!

More good news to strengthen you today? You can subscribe the Today’s Word with Joel and Victoria and be blessed 🙂

Recommended Verses for this post:

1 John 2:16-17, NIV
Romans 8:32, NIV


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