a thought to be shared

A friend from Canada told me about how important the money is.  I don’t say money is not important hey I also need it, but to let ourselves be controlled by money is not good either.  The problem with us, human, is we never satisfy with what we have at the moment as we always want more and more.   We tend to see what others have to be compared with what we have…..the reason why we want more and more…even when actually we don’t need that.

We all know what happen with the economy situations in this world.  All the impacts from one or two countries that in fact have influenced the world economy.  As we know that we are living in the same world that we called planet earth so what happen in the other side of the world would also influence the rest of the world.  Environment problems, social problems and economy? 

This month I was invited to join two business opportunities that provide interesting things that  it seems like a very promising idea especially the last one!  Well for the business I am running at the moment, that’s a very good opportunity.  And more than that, it’s exactly what has been playing in my mind since last year when I was introduced to this what people called cloud computing and so eager to implement that plan for my business here but for some reasons it’s just never happened.   So why would I have to waste the opportunity?  Both talk about hopes to get away from the nowadays economy and financial situations….. a way out of financial problems.  To a logical way and desperation to be rich, I might be taking that opportunity right away or if this happened some years ago, I would have not liked to miss the chance of grabbing this one time opportunity !  Yes, I did not take either one of them!  Not that i waste the opportunity they gave me (well at least I didn’t feel that way) but what was on my mind at that time is we are so close to what the Bible said about the big tribulation!  Well, it’s coming and the technology is a part of that.  When i watched the web-presentation about the product they presented, logically it can be accepted but also It’s been in the book of revelation since its first written.   Behold HE comes!


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