my fave one – south island – nz

Where’s the Shepherd?

This summer picture was taken in the year of 2005 exactly from the place where one of the lord of the ring movie’ scenes was taken.  What I like about this picture is its missing shepherd and that could make whoever that takes a deeply look at this picture…a shepherd ha ha.

Or else, we could also try to take another few minutes to have a deeply and closer look at the picture…….well, what’s on your mind?  What does it tell you?  Do you see the thick fog around those lambs?  Did those lambs seem to be afraid or worried even they could not see the shepherd around them?  What if there were hungry lions or wolves crouching around them? Grrhhh!  But look at them, they were so at peace and calm…enjoying what was in front of them…It just seems that they knew even they could not see the shepherd but he was around to keep them safe.  One thing about lambs that i know is they only follow the voice they’ve been familiar with.  Well then the picture sure does tell us something, isn’t it?  What does it apply to you?  To me, that reminds me of the good shepherd and that makes me feel safe and secure!  You can move the cursor around the picture now and see why that makes me feel that way  :-).


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