three pots of roses as a start, a beautiful rose garden at the end

Golden Rose Cluster – I think one of those I planted looks exactly like this one

The last time I dealt with roses was  6 years ago when I was in my deep mood to grow roses.  I had at least seven rose trees in different colours and It went smoothly for a while but then I found out soon that roses and a five month baby husky didn’t go along very well ha ha ha.  Poor roses!  I am also still wondering until now about how she could manage to destroy those roses without even got hurt from at least one of their thorns.  Anyway, the husky died in her 83 month of age exactly in July this year, so I’ve been thinking of another chance for me to grow roses again.  Well It seemed today is my great chance as I met a guy this afternoon with 4 kind of roses in his flower box and I just could not help it so I picked three of them in different colours to start my roses project….finally 🙂  Thank You, Lord!   

One of my dreams is to have a Siberian husky and I’d been given a chance to have her for almost 7 years and  this time another one of my dreams is coming true…..a little roses garden!  So I have these three kind of roses planted now in my pots as a start before I move them into the right location.  Well we will know soon whether I can be a cool gardener or not ha ha…ops.


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