when things look impossible…

It’s 32°C right now here in Manado but it feels like 35° degree.  Usually the normal temperature here is 26°C to 28°C.  Praise the Lord that even my roses, they survived the weather.  There were moments where they almost died but then the voice in my heart told me how to stop that.  It was always a single act of every situation in how to stop them from dying.  And it came naturally and I believe you would understand what I meant when I say this;

Everything is under control in Your hands, o Lord.  There’s nothing impossible to You and to whom who believes.

To grow roses in this climate according to some roses experts would be impossible.  Oh yes I talked to some of them (NZ and Europe) and if we look to the zone of hardiness where I am now, of course no one buy it if one can successfully grow roses in such hardiness when roses need a mild climate in zone 5 to 6.  It is fine in Bandung, Bogor, Malang or even Tomohon but Manado?  That is God’s mercy!

Here are my photos of those survival ones that I would love to share with you

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