de RoseHiddenrose is a virtual name I’ve been using since 1999.

Yes, I love roses as you’ve just guessed 🙂  but still, why hiddenrose.. Why not “the rose” or just anything with the word “rose”?

It was more because I always feel that among those beautiful roses in the world.. I was just the hidden one.. not worth of any attentions and still don’t look for one either.  I just like to hide.. watch.. and work behind the scene.  If others want to be number one.. believe me I’ll be fine with any number left.  I think that’s why I always have this position of an Executive or Personal Assistant in my career life.. and I still am.. virtually!

So, Hiddenrose in my case is actually represent “I am nothing.. I am nobody.. you are the man.. you are the woman.. just don’t look at me”! Kyyaaa!!! Okay.. okay.. now back to the topic;

About this song..
Yes, you are right.. It’s a love song!
You can listen to this Bette Midler’s version or you probably want to try different kind of version.. Westlife’s, peepz?

At first I don’t know why I feel so connected with this song.. just anytime I sing this song.. I just want to be that rose!  No kidding!  That ROSE!  I’ve been asking the LORD “Why” many times.. Why whenever I sing that song, I can only see Him.  I can only feel Him.  Why that song can make me feel that way..  YES I know,, It’s not a HYMN!  It’s my FEELING toward HIM!  Faith is there.. Hope is there.. and yes Love is there.. And still.. yes, It’s a love song.. not a hymn!

Well finally I got a big support regarding this “why and why” just early this month from a sister… just right there in her timeline status.. just after I sang this song in my quiet moment?

Not a chance!  Don’t tell me that you believe in Coincidence!  Things happen for reasons.  Yes, everything is in His control as things are never out of His control!  I love it!   (Eiitttthh… protest is not allowed here in my blog!  Put your head under your pillow and scream out loud there.. Feeling okay now? Then we can continue…) 🙂

So here it is..  I would generously quote it for you exactly like it’s written;

“The Christian life is the mingling of divinity with humanity.  When we love, we must love by our love with God’s love as its content and reality.  Apparently, it is only human love; actually, it is the divine love.  It is not only the divine love as the content with the human love as its appearance, but also the divine love mingled with the human love so that these two loves become ONE LOVE.”

Amen!  AWESOME, isn’t it?  He is love anyway!  Confused?  Don’t!  He is our life that makes us able to live Him out as our being.. He is even our love that makes us able to love..  He’s just our everything!

Do you see the connection between the song and what I’ve just quoted for you?  No?  Try harder! 🙂   It helps me finding the answer of this “why and why” about my connection with the Rose after this awesome support.. and the answer I will just put it this way;
The Seed represents a hidden one.. me.. you.. love? The snow in the winter time represent the world, any situations, problems and such.. you name it!  The Sun’s love is His grace and love…shine upon us and in us and thru us.  In the Spring.. is the moment when we abide in Him..abide in His love, the fellowship with the Lord.. the Church life and finally to become the Rose…, the one with such a love.. the ONE LOVE, who is saturated and permeated with His life..  transformed..…
ready for transfiguration..…
just to be with HIM forever!

Otherwise, yes It’s  only a love song! But then.. wait a minute.. I almost forgot;
Yesss…HE is my love song after all!  The tune in my music

O Lord Jesus.. Amen!


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