By His resurrection life

Yesterday when I got back from lunch with local saints after the Lord’s Table Meeting,  these words keep playing on my mind.. on and on;

Many times the Lord puts us in situations beyond our power so that we may not trust in ourselves but in God who raises the dead, the One who is resurrection life itself (see 2 Cor. 1:8-9; 4:7).

Yes many of us have been already familiar with these words even have been in such situations as well or maybe are being in these situations at the moment? In that case, keep the faith, bro-sis.. be empowered in the Lord.. in the might of His strength! He is our strength! He is the answer of our prayers! We know that when we call on His mighty name.. “Lord Jesus..O Lord Jesus..” He is there for us.. we will get the strength we need to get thru every situation 🙂


Then we got to this;

It was impossible for us to be saved, but God made it possible; it was impossible for us to come into the church life, but with God this was possible; now it seems to be impossible for us to still remain in the church life, but by His resurrection life God can make it possible.

I was so blessed when I read it and I still am!  It is a shared portion from a brother who loves the Lord and His people, us, and like you guessed then yes It was nicely posted there in my facebook timeline so it can be a blessing as well not only to my brothers and sisters but also to the whole people there.

About why I bold the part of the quoted sentence..

I am saved!  I am already in the church life! Amen! Praise the Lord!
Now.. to remain in the church life..  I question my self about why he made that sound so impossible to remain in the church life.


The answer came to me after Sunday Meeting.. at first I did not paid so much attention about why several brothers and sisters from other local churches went miles away only to attend the meeting in the other city when they have local church in their own city.  I just thought maybe they came for a visit or they just happened to be in town  and would not want to miss Lord’s Table.  Either way, I am happy to have them around.

And we know the feeling always so good when thinking that wherever we go in the world.. and there is a local church there.. we are at home!  We are!

So, after three visits in a row.. it became clear that they have problems in their local that they could not bear it that they have to go that amount of distance to attend a meeting in the other city.  I don’t know whether good or bad they are here but thinking they don’t give up the truth and leaving the church life because of whatever reason. it’s already quite relieving!

I got it!  That’s the work of His resurrection life!  🙂

At home I told myself, rather to the Lord actually; “I don’t believe what the situation we are facing at the moment.. what the devil’s trying to show us.. to Your church..,  It’s a lie!  This is Your church, Lord, and nothing imperfect with Your church! Amen!

I believe this resurrection life of His will keep continue working not only in them or in every brother and sister in their local church  but also in you and me..and every saint in the world.  Amen!

There’s always Hope in the church life because this life is His!  The church is His! And the church is perfect as He is perfect!

in Christ,

Caroline with love


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