Obama Care Implant and Revelation 13


I am back..

How long is it already?  A year ago? Wow!  It’s been that long… how time flies!  Okay.. okay.. I’ll be there shortly before one of my sentences here be categorized as overused phrase.. (just pulling your leg, Tony)

Hmm.. what’s phrase anyway.. all I want to do is writing here.. and to pass something useful for my readers. (Wait a minute.. do I have at least one reader here? Raise your hand! Lol!  Seriously.. I am wondering now..) 

Guess I have to stop talking now and let you enjoy the rest.  

Just don’t run away.. at least not now.  I am shill in a good mood to talk here.

So our topic this time is about Obama Care Implant that has become an issue.. not just in the USA but also in other countries in different continent.  It’s presumed that the USA only the beginning of what’s coming.to the whole world.

The rumour about the microchip RFID itself had been around a while before Obama became the President of the United States of America.

Before we continue.. I will let you read this OBAMA CARE FACTS.

(Since I am writing using this smart phone and really don’t have any idea how to link the url address to the three words already in big letters above, so you’ll have to do by yourself by co-pas the link below.  Huffh..)


Okay.. I assume you’ve just read it.

Now it’s my turn..

Yes it’s true that the below so-called rumour has been spread around the social media and emails too.  Still.. by calling that a rumour,  will not change the fact of what we know about the RAPTURE, the coming of antichrist and the MARK OF THE BEAST. They are not rumours!  We are talking about prophesy that would be fulfilled either you believe it or not.  Sooner or later that day will come.. either we’re prepared or not.

This is the co-pas of what so-called rumour we’re talking about.

 “Rapture will take place any time from now. Everything hindering the rapture has been removed. Gospel has been preached almost everywhere, all the prophecies have been fulfilled. The devil is working very hard to occupy Christians with the things of this world so that the day will catch them unaware. Please be prepared, there is no more time. This is also a source of evangelism, souls are dying. God bless you!
Let’s Pray Hard: 6 6 6 The Mark Of The Beast Prophesy Finally Fulfilled… Written By: Jonathan Annobil. The US Senate has passed the Obama Health Bill into law. The implementation would commence soon. This bill would require all Americans to be implanted with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip in order to access medical care. The device will be implemented on the forehead or on the arm. This is to fulfill the prophesy in the Book of Revelation 13:15-18 concerning the MARK OF THE BEAST. Are you still doubting the END TIME? Do u know that the special car which was made for Obama is known as the BEAST? Get READY. The rapture is near! Revelations 13 is being played out right before us. Many are still unaware.1. Why is the chip being implanted exactly where the Bible says it would be. Why on the hand and forehead. Why not anywhere else?2. Why is it being connected to your bank account? Remember the Bible says you wont be able to buy or sell without the mark 6 6 6. And guess what! The chip is connected to your financial details. What breaks my heart the most is that many people in the Church will not make it if Jesus comes now? Many are unaware that the ends is near. Don’t tell me that its advancement in technology or development. If any area of your life is not in sync with God’s word repent and be converted. If you miss heaven you can never miss hell…think about it. Hell is not a pretty place, the worst part is that it is for eternity… He who has ears, let him hear what the Spirit says to the church. Please rather than post and forward senseless messages. Send to everyone you know. Do the work of an evangelist. PLEASE SHARE THIS MESSAGE WITH ALL YOUR CONTACTS.”

What I want to point out from the one they called rumour above (well one could not tell whether it would remain a rumour in one of these coming years.. but we have the Bible, the Word of God..the real truth is in there as the Word is truth. His Word will be fulfilled), is “the devil is working very hard to occupy Christians with the things of this world so that the day will catch them unaware.”  That is so true!  Look around us..

Hmm..  Shall I give you couple minutes to think of what happens around you?  Not enough time? Well then.. make yourself a cup of coffee or tea?  Have just as much of your time to think.. then bring yourself back here.. I am not finished yet.

You’re back!  😊

So.. Are we seeing the same thing?  

Many of us and that including you and me.. we are not only occupied with the things  of the world that has drawn us away from the Lord who can save us from what is coming to this world,  but we are also occupied with ourselves.  

Well I don’t know about you but I want to be always aware.. yes to be alert as in Matthew 24:42, 25:13, Mark 13:33, Revelation 16:15 and blessed in knowing the wisdom in Revelation 13 (Rev 13:18 in particularly). I want to live my life without worries or  fear of what’s coming  and I know that can only happen if I enjoy the Lord from time to time.. every single day.. He is the only Saviour who can save us from the enemy’s trap.. from being unaware and not ready for what’s coming.  When you read those verses above, you’ll know to what I refer to when mentioning “what’s coming” on this post. 😊

Oh what a privilege that we, the believer of Christ, have this Saviour now dwelling in us.. the very Christ as the life-giving Spirit.. the Anointing that moves us from within so we can live Him out.  No worries.. No fears.. but longing for His coming back only.

Hallelujah!  Christ in us is the hope of glory! Our hope of glory!  

Be blessed, all!

With love,



By His resurrection life

Yesterday when I got back from lunch with local saints after the Lord’s Table Meeting,  these words keep playing on my mind.. on and on;

Many times the Lord puts us in situations beyond our power so that we may not trust in ourselves but in God who raises the dead, the One who is resurrection life itself (see 2 Cor. 1:8-9; 4:7).

Yes many of us have been already familiar with these words even have been in such situations as well or maybe are being in these situations at the moment? In that case, keep the faith, bro-sis.. be empowered in the Lord.. in the might of His strength! He is our strength! He is the answer of our prayers! We know that when we call on His mighty name.. “Lord Jesus..O Lord Jesus..” He is there for us.. we will get the strength we need to get thru every situation 🙂


Then we got to this;

It was impossible for us to be saved, but God made it possible; it was impossible for us to come into the church life, but with God this was possible; now it seems to be impossible for us to still remain in the church life, but by His resurrection life God can make it possible.

I was so blessed when I read it and I still am!  It is a shared portion from a brother who loves the Lord and His people, us, and like you guessed then yes It was nicely posted there in my facebook timeline so it can be a blessing as well not only to my brothers and sisters but also to the whole people there.

About why I bold the part of the quoted sentence..

I am saved!  I am already in the church life! Amen! Praise the Lord!
Now.. to remain in the church life..  I question my self about why he made that sound so impossible to remain in the church life.


The answer came to me after Sunday Meeting.. at first I did not paid so much attention about why several brothers and sisters from other local churches went miles away only to attend the meeting in the other city when they have local church in their own city.  I just thought maybe they came for a visit or they just happened to be in town  and would not want to miss Lord’s Table.  Either way, I am happy to have them around.

And we know the feeling always so good when thinking that wherever we go in the world.. and there is a local church there.. we are at home!  We are!

So, after three visits in a row.. it became clear that they have problems in their local that they could not bear it that they have to go that amount of distance to attend a meeting in the other city.  I don’t know whether good or bad they are here but thinking they don’t give up the truth and leaving the church life because of whatever reason. it’s already quite relieving!

I got it!  That’s the work of His resurrection life!  🙂

At home I told myself, rather to the Lord actually; “I don’t believe what the situation we are facing at the moment.. what the devil’s trying to show me..to us.. to Your church..,  It’s a lie!  This is Your church, Lord, and nothing imperfect with Your church! Amen!

I believe this resurrection life of His will keep continue working not only in them or in every brother and sister in their local church  but also in you and me..and every saint in the world.  Amen!

There’s always Hope in the church life because this life is His!  The church is His! And the church is perfect as He is perfect!

in Christ,

Caroline with love


de RoseHiddenrose is a virtual name I’ve been using since 1999.

Yes, I love roses as you’ve just guessed 🙂  but still, why hiddenrose.. Why not “the rose” or just anything with the word “rose”?

It was more because I always feel that among those beautiful roses in the world.. I was just the hidden one.. not worth of any attentions and still don’t look for one either.  I just like to hide.. watch.. and work behind the scene.  If others want to be number one.. believe me I’ll be fine with any number left.  I think that’s why I always have this position of an Executive or Personal Assistant in my career life.. and I still am.. virtually!

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Let’s sing..

Feel kinda sad? A bit lost and don’t know what else to do?  Call on His name.. and grab your guitar and sing with me..  Let His water of life flow inside you.  Just remember; His lovingkindness is forever!

O Lord Jesus, no good have I beyond You!
I love You, Lord!

Psalm 16:1-3

16:1   Preserve me, O God, for I take refuge in You.

16:2   I say to Jehovah, You are my Lord; / No good have I beyond You;

16:3   As for the saints who are on the earth, they are the excellent; / All my delight is in them.

Mazmur 16:1-3

16:1   Miktam. Dari Daud.  Jagalah aku. ya Allah, sebab pada-Mu aku berlindung.

16:2   Aku berkata kepada TUHAN: “Engkaulah Tuhanku, tidak ada yang baik bagiku selain Engkau!”

16:3   Orang-orang kudus yang ada di tanah ini, merekalah orang mulia yang selalu menjadi kesukaanku.

G                                               C
Preserve me, O God, for I take refuge in You
Am7         D                                    G
I say to Jehovah, You are my Lord
G                                               C
Preserve me, O God, for I take refuge in You
Am7         D                                    G
I say to Jehovah, You are my Lord
C                                D
You are my Lord, You are my Lord;
No good have I beyond You;
C                                D
You are my Lord, You are my Lord;
No good have I beyond You;
C                                     D                    G                                     Em
As for the saints who are on the earth, they are the excellent;
C                 D                  G
All my delight is in them

(Preserve me. O God from the Album of Ordinary Days)

Is it a coincidence?

I like this topic a lot. In my life alone this word coincidence is a hot word in my vocabulary. A hot word because that word kept coming as many situations happened or when I explained or told something to someone.

Albert Einstein described coincidence as quoted; “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”  That’s Albert Einstein’s!

I believe you also have experienced such moment not only once in your life maybe you just couldn’t even count it 🙂

In my journey to be a grown-up, life then showed me about the meaning of “there’s always a reason why”.  And in my life now as a believer of Christ? I got even more confirmed by His Word through my experience that there’s no coincidence in life. Continue reading

Can God Be Trusted?

God’s Word is true and, yes, He can be trusted!

Standing in Faith Ministries


The Interstate 5 corridor through California’s Central Valley can seem interminable, especially if one is driving alone.  So, to break up the monotony on this trip, I grabbed several old CDs that I haven’t listened to in years.

Cruising along to Carole King’s “Tapestry” album, the Lord was speaking as loudly as she was singing.  “I feel the earth move under my feet; I feel the sky tumbling down, tumbling down; I feel my heart start to trembling whenever you’re around…” and I considered the earth-quaking impact of being in the presence of God.

Then, “Way over yonder is a place that I know, where I can find shelter from a hunger and cold…Talkin’ about a, talkin’ about a, way over yonder is a place I have seen, in a garden of wisdom, from some long ago dream,” and I yearned for heavenly places.

And, self-explanatory, “Where you lead, I…

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the Word says It all!

This  morning I read Romans 10 and what I found there really pulling my legs.  Why is that?  We have the same Lord!  Yes, the same Lord! He is the LORD of all!  Can you imagine that? We have the Lord of all!  So all those fights concerning religions that have made everyone sick of it, really needs this scripture to calm everybody down.

For the same Lord is Lord of all, who richly blesses all who call on him
Yes, that’s the Word I meant.   For quite so long I’ve been taught by my surrounding that our Lord is different with their Lord or other way around.   Is that happening to you too?

Well, let’s go back to the scripture and see what the Word say;

“For there is no distinction between the Jew and the Greek, for the same Lord is Lord of all, who richly blesses all who call on him.  For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.  How are they to call on one they have not believed in? And how are they to believe in one they have not heard of? And how are they to hear without someone preaching to them? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How timely is the arrival of those who proclaim the good news.” (Net Bible)

Do you see what I marked in italic?  What about the bold one? What a relieve!  The Word says It all!