My Cookies

Here’s the place where I make myself busy in my spare time.  And in order for you to go to this specific place,  please CLICK ME here!

One of my hobbies since I was in my fourth grade.  Started from two loaves home-made breads.  Breads that had been my afternoon’s activity since then for around three years.  One of my dad’s assignments to me that I could not say “no” to.  While other kids spent their afternoon playing… I was covered with flour.
“It’s not fair!” I said to my self.  So many questions why and why were playing in my mind at that time but then time made me realize and showed me just how blessed I was actually with the chance to serve my family like that, and more to add; it was “dad and I” thing!  Such a wonderful experience…one of those that have made me the way I am now.  Thank you, Lord!


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