My Garden

One of my latest activities nowadays…yes, gardening!  If you ask me years ago about my interest, certainly gardening would not be in the list.  I was more to a pet lover and so crazy about the hitech and always incredibly fun with a word “techy” 😉

Back to the topic, Gardening!  I always have this dream of having my own little rose garden since I was a little girl.  For a girl who did not like gardening at all it was really impossible  to make the dream come true.  I tried once anyway around 9 years ago by collecting multicolored roses but at the end my Siberian Husky won.  She got rid all her competitors for sure and all I got at last was the picture but then it’s also gone together with my other laptop.

Now here I am again…yes Gardening!

o little roses garden
you’ve been in my mind since I was a little girl
full of blooming roses
combination of outstanding green and white
not to forget the climbing iceberg one
with peach, yellow, pink and red to add the beauty of you
so beautiful, elegant and fragrant
a picture in my mind
just a perfect place to hide
enjoying the time with the Creator of your beauty and fragrance

Uhm.. I think I got carried away ha ha ha

A Hidden Rose Garden to explore?  Click here!


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